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    Zoe, Kindred, Annie, Lulu, Poppy, Sona and Jinx!
  2. Jester Zyshroom

    Some jobs are very big but require more immediate action whereas the decay system removes things at a slower rate (not sure why I'm typing this as you know what the system is) but yeah I see ur point 🙂
  3. Jester Zyshroom

    This topic will be open for long while! share ur opinion, agree or disagree etc. In the past I have trusted the devs to fix a great many things in conan exiles, my trust withered with almost every patch. one patch all but destroyed and trust I had left in the devs, this patch ruined the ruin system or decay system causing player made structures and placeables to randomly vanish while stacking decay time insanely high. That was the final straw for a lot of players on the server, Including me. However with the "Full release" out and some players requesting the decay systems return (although a lot of players would rather it stayed off) I need rough idea of the players opinion on what I should do. I would like to turn it on, it might be rid of the perma god shield bug (I assume it is somehow connected to the decay system, with many confirmed reports) but there is a small trade off. If the decay system is enabled 1 of 2 things might happen. While I respect the devs for putting up with as much toxic banter as they have, and working with such limited numbers and the dreaded DEADLINE (spooky) well like I said before I have lost trust in the patch notes, what they say they have fixed later turning into oops we broke it again, then fixing that only to spawn multiple other issues and then ending up back at square one. From removing promised content to a large variety of bugs that pop up out of site or in plane view of everyone. Main point is I am worried about what might happen if the decay system is turned on, if it's fixed then great otherwise there is at least a 50% chance that all player made structures will begin to vanish randomly, last time it didn't even show up in the event log. This time may be different, and if it is then that would mean the return of god shields and avatars as well, however I have noticed a trend with high priests being unable to be placed in shrines in some cases. let me know what you think, and have a good one. 😟