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General Community Rules

Rend Server Specific Rules

By playing on our servers you are agreeing to follow these rules. Any new rules or changes made to the current rules will be given a 24-hour grace period for the community and players to adhere to. These rules are designed to help the Admins to control the behaviour on the server but also to preserve the gameplay experience for all players.

Players that are caught breaking rules will be given ONE warning. After such warning bans will be issued. This is subject to admin discretion if they want to issue warnings or bans and not a hard rule. You can be banned without warning. You can be banned with multiple warnings. The admin handling your incident has the final say on the issue.

  • 1. Respect the Server Staff and other players
      Please remember to respect one another. Any racist, sexist or derogatory remarks/attacks will be met with punishment at the admins discretion.

  • 2. Do not Impersonate Server Staff
      This includes changing your name to a staff members name or announcing that you are an admin.

  • 3. Absolutely No Hacking
      Any attempt, be it successful or unsuccessful, to manipulate the game outside the boundaries defined as ‘Normal’, such as Hacking, will result in an instant and permanent removal from the server.

  • 4. No Griefing.
      This can be but is not limited to: giving away/deleting faction materials without permission, abusing elder status, spawn/shield camping, etc.

  • 5. Do not have the same name as another player
      Players that create characters with the same name as another must understand that if any reports come in that a player is impersonating another, then players who are responsible will be met with punishment, whether it was intentional or not. It is impossible to distinguish between the two and as such if it is not resolved, it will be subject to potential removal from the server.

  • 6. Absolutely No Exploiting/Glitching/Abusing of Bugs
      Any attempt to Exploit/Glitch parts of the game in order to gain a distinct advantage. This will result in a ban, whether it is temporary or permanent depends on the situation.

  • 7. Do not spam building materials/placeables.
      Whether or not buildings/placeables are counted as spam and are removed or not is up to the admin who is resolving the problem.

  • 8. Do not Abuse the Elder 'Outcast' system/status.
      Using the Outcast system is allowed and encouraged in certain situations, however, abuse of this feature will lead to punishment of the player abusing it. This will be left to the discretion of the Server Staff.

  • 9. No Unreasonable Blocking of areas on the Map
      Do not block off areas of the map intended to be accessed by all players.

  • 10. No Glitched Bases/Storage Containers/Placeables
      Bases should be built in the area of the game that is clearly defined. This means do not build bases under the map/outside of normally reachable areas. No building in glitched mountains or areas clearly unintended by developers for you to build in.

  • 11. Report Discretion
      If you have any issues or queries please private message an admin on discord as opposed to using global chat or any public text channels.

  • 12. Have Fun!
      It is our goal to provide the server to you all as best we can to allow the best experience for all players, and it is important to remember that it is a GAME, there will be ups and downs to your experience, but in the end, that’s why we all play games, to get the fullest and best experience from them.

  • Enjoy the Server!
      Thank you from the Oceanic Gaming Owners, Admins and Moderators. P.S: We're all volunteers and we sacrifice our game time for your experience, so please be nice :)