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    Welcome, Exile!

    Conan Exiles is a sanbox survival game launched on May 8th 2018, built around Conan the Barbarian theme.

    Conan Exiles was launched initally as an early access game.

    Game Bio

    "...You are an exile, outcast and downtrodden, sentenced to walk in a barbaric wasteland where the weak are crushed and only the strong can live. Here you must fight to survive, build, and dominate the world alone on your own server, or with enemies and allies in online multiplayer.

    Journey through a vast, seamless world filled with the ruins of ancient civilizations and uncover its dark history and buried secrets as you seek to conquer and dominate the exiled lands yourself. Start with nothing but your bare hands and forge the legacy of your clan, from simple tools and weapons to gigantic fortresses and entire cities. Enslave the bandits of the exiled lands to do your bidding by breaking them on the grueling Wheel of Pain. Sacrifice the beating hearts of your enemies on the blood-soiled altars of your god to seize true power and glory. Summon the colossal avatar of your god and see them lay waste to your enemies and their homes.

    Just remember: in this brutal land of vengeful gods, bloodthirsty cannibals, and vicious monsters, survival is more than tracking down food and water. Explore mysterious ruins in search of treasure and knowledge, but beware the risk of your mind being corrupted by the dark forces of the world. Traverse vast sand dunes and seek shelter from scouring sandstorms sweeping across the burning sands. March into war against your enemies and unleash your savage fury in brutal combat. Go in unprepared and it will be your head rolling and limbs flying.

    Conan Exiles is not an empty sandbox. It is a world rich in history where you must discover the knowledge and secrets of ancient civilizations as you struggle to build your own..."

    PVP - The Exiled Lands

    Server Configuration

    • 2x Gather Rate
    • 1.5x Overall Experiance Gain
    • 2x Experience for All Crafting, Gathering and Building.
    • 1x Animal/Thrall Kill Experience Rate
    • Avatar summon time is 180 seconds and time alive is 60 seconds.

    Raiding Times

    Restricted raid time, which allows for raiding between:

    17:00pm AWST / 19:00pm AEDT / 21:00pm NZST --- and --- 21:00pm AWST / 23:00pm AEDT / 01:00am NZST

    *This system will be in place until a more robust anti-offline raid system can be implemented.
    *PVP is enabled 24/7.

    PVP - The Exiled Lands

    Server Mods

    Conan Exiles does not currently have a clean way of managing mods on either the Client or Server platforms. Should the possibility arise of a neat and tidy solution, our aims would be to provide:

    • Offline Raid Protection
    • Improved Crafting and Farming
    • Clan Markers on Map
    • Improved Constructions and Building Materials
    • Improved Thralls

    We aim to have minimal mods on the server - this is so that our servers are not impacted when updates are released.

    Desert Perks - $10 (30 Days)

    • 1 set of Steel tools and 2 Steel weapons of your choice
    • 1 set of either Aquilonian or Shaman Armour
    • Choice of one stack of Dye (20 dyes in total)
    • 100 Silver Coins
    • OR
    • 10 stacks of Dye (one colour per stack)
    • 10 Cosmetic Warpaints (Not the Functionality based ones)

    Safari Perks - $20.00 (60 Days)

    • 2 Black Ice Picks and 2 Hardened Steel weapons of your choice
    • A set of Building materials in Stonebrick or Insulated (enough for a 4x4x2) OR 2 sets of armour (Non-Epic) of your choice.
    • 500 Silver Coins
    *Some parts of this kit are only claimable after a certain amount of time after a fresh wipe*

    Jungle Perks - $30 (90 Days)

    • 1 set of Star Metal Tools and 1 Star Metal Weapon of your choice
    • A set of materials used for crafting Reinforced Stonebrick (250 Steel Reinforcement, 250 Shaped Wood, 500 Hardened Brick)
    • 100 Gold Coins

    *Some parts of this kit are only claimable after a certain amount of time after a fresh wipe*

    Highlands Perks - $50.00 (120 Days)

    • 1 set of Acheronian Tools and your choice of 2 Acheronian Weapons
    • 2 Tier III Thralls of your choice
    • Access to Special Highlands+ Donator-only events!
    • 250 Gold Coins

    *Some parts of this kit are only claimable after a certain amount of time after a fresh wipe*

    Frozen North Perks - $100.00 (180 Days)

    • 2 sets of Obsidian Tools and your choice of 1 Obsidian Weapon
    • 2 sets of Exile Epic Armour and one stack of dye of your choice (20 dyes in total)
    • 2 Legendary/Named Thralls of your choice
    • Access to Special Frozen North+ Donator-only events! (In addition to Highlands+ Donator events!)
    • 500 Gold Coins (+100 Free!)

    *Some parts of this kit are only claimable after a certain amount of time after a fresh wipe*

    Volcanic Perks - $150.00 (360 Days)

    • 2 sets of Tools of your Choice, and 2 weapons of your choice (Yep, you can pick any)
    • 1 set of Armour of your choice and 5 stacks of dye of your choice (must be legitimately obtainable) (can be multiple dyes)
    • 4 Legendary/Named Thralls of your Choice
    • Access to Special Volcanic+ Donator-only events! (In addition to the Highlands+ and Frozen North+ Donator events!)
    • 1000 Gold Coins (+250 Free!)

    *Some parts of this kit are only claimable after a certain amount of time after a fresh wipe*

    *Kits can only be redeemed once per 30 Day period.

    General Community Rules

    Conan Exiles Server Specific Rules

    By playing on our servers you are agreeing to follow these rules. Any new rules or changes made to the current rules will be given a 24-hour grace period for the community and players to adhere to. These rules are designed to help the Admins to control the behaviour on the server but also to preserve the gameplay experience for all players.

    Players that are caught breaking rules will be given ONE warning. After such warning bans will be issued. This is subject to admin discretion if they want to issue warnings or bans and not a hard rule. You can be banned without warning. You can be banned with multiple warnings. The admin handling your incident has the final say on the issue.

    • 1. Respect the Server Staff and other players
        Please remember to respect one another. Any racist, sexist or derogatory remarks/attacks will be met with punishment at the admins discretion.

    • 2. Do not Impersonate Server Staff
        This includes changing your name to a staff members name or announcing that you are an admin.

    • 3. Do not have the same name as another clan member
        Clans that create characters with the same name must understand that if any reports come through about a member, all players with that name will be met with the same punishment, whether they were involved or not as it is impossible to distinguish between them.

    • 4. Absolutely No Hacking
        Any attempt, be it successful or unsuccessful, to manipulate the game outside the boundaries defined as ‘Normal’, such as Hacking, will result in an instant and permanent removal from the server.

    • 5. Absolutely No Exploiting/Glitching/Abusing of Bugs
        Any attempt to Exploit/Glitch parts of the game in order to gain a distinct advantage (Duplication, Sky bases, explosive jar glitches, etc.) will result in a ban, whether it is temporary or permanent depends on the situation.

    • 6. No excessive Building/spamming of building materials
      • Intentional spam of foundations or any other kind of object/structure are subject to admin removal. Contact with the responsible player(s) will be made, and if no response is given, then said spam is subject to removal.
      • This includes Raid Bases and High-Tier placeables (such as vaults), which MUST be removed following a successful raid.
      • Other than Raid bases, vaults are not to be located anywhere on the map other than your base. There are a maximum of 3 Vaults allowed per clan.
      • There will be an OGN maproom placed at each obelisk after 2 weeks following a fresh wipe. Clans may build their own maprooms to use in the interim but these will be removed by admins after the 2 weeks to decrease overall spam.

    • 7. No Unreasonable Blocking of areas on the Map
        Do not block off areas of the map intended to be accessed by all players. This includes recipes, legendary chests, boss monster spawn points and access to the North. Anything blocking these is subject to admin removal.

    • 8. No Glitched Bases/Storage Containers/Placeables
        Bases should be built in the area of the game that is clearly defined. This means not building bases behind the cursed wall or under the map. No building in glitched mountains or areas clearly unintended by developers for you to build in. Placing chests or vaults behind the wall is not acceptable.

    • 9. Do not attempt to block off areas of your base while raiding/being raided
        Players that are being raided can use everything in their power to defend, including adding/replacing thralls, moving resources/items further into the base, repairing and upgrading building parts. HOWEVER, if you place NEW building parts in an attempt to block off certain areas and proof is given that you have done so, admins will take further action against you.

    • 10. No excessive amounts of Griefing
      • Excessive amounts of Griefing is but not limited to: spamming foundations around a players’ base, harassing someone excessively, raiding the same players constantly without end, destroying unnecessary amounts of players’ bases and crafting tables during a raid. Any offence in terms of Excessive Griefing will have an admin issued warning and any further offences will result in temporary/permanent solutions.
      • Excessive and/or constant raiding is not allowed! If you can raid multiple bases owned by the same clan by all means do it although it MUST be done in one night. Should it take more than one session it will be considered griefing. This rule will be handled case by case at the admins discretion and remember we can’t act on what you don’t tell us.

    • 11. Follow the No Raid Area Rules (see Below)
      • The Southern ‘No Raid’ area is primarily for new players to learn, explore, gear up and eventually recruit clan members or be recruited by larger clans. Raiding in this area is not permitted.
      • Players and clans are encouraged to move north as soon as they are able to however you can stay as long as you like provided you do not engage in raiding. Players who raid are not entitled to have bases in the 'no raid' area and any structures in the 'No Raid' area must be removed when they do so.
      • Players who have advanced to the Northern Areas are permitted to be in the No-Raid area, but must not disturb the newer players and their experience in any negative way. Any reports of highly advanced players visiting the south and raiding/harassing new players will be subject to further admin action.
      • If you have built outside the no raid zone and raided then you are not allowed to build in the no raid zone and move back there unless you ask for admin permission.
      • If after your time in the no raid zone you decide to become a raiding clan again then you must give an admin atleast 48 hours notice and destroy all of your buildings there upon leaving.

    • 12. Market place
        The market place, located at hand of the maker, is a no raid no pvp zone for players to set up stores for trade. Any raiding or pvping in this area will be met with admin action. Contact an admin if you are interested in setting up your own store.

    • 13. Report Discretion
        If you have any issues or queries please private message an admin on discord as opposed to using global chat or any public text channels. Decisions are at the discretion of the of our Staff.

    • 14. Have Fun!
        It is our goal to provide the server to you all as best we can to allow the best experience for all players, and it is important to remember that it is a GAME, there will be ups and downs to your experience, but in the end, that’s why we all play games, to get the fullest and best experience from them.

    • Enjoy the Server!
        Thank you from the Oceanic Gaming Owners, Admins and Moderators. P.S: We're all volunteers and we sacrifice our game time for your experience, so please be nice :)

    Conan Exiles Event Information

    At this time no schedualed events are planned for the server.

    Have an idea for an event?

    If you have an idea for an event please inform the server admin.

    WARNING: Events will be conducted in such a way that they do not impose upon regular users on the server.

    Conan Exiles Staff Team



    Contact: Forum & Discord


    Jester / Zyshroom

    Contact: Forum & Discord



    Contact: Forum & Discord

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