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  • ARK: Extinction Expansion Pack Available Now!

    Hello Survivors!

    Today, Studio Wildcard is proud to announce ARK’s third expansion pack, “Extinction”!


    Finish your journey through the worlds of ARK in ‘Extinction’, where the story began and ends: on Earth itself! An Element-infested, ravaged planet filled with fantastical creatures both organic & technological, Earth holds both the secrets of the past and the keys to its salvation. As a veteran Survivor who has conquered all previous obstacles, your ultimate challenge awaits: can you defeat the gigantic roaming Titans which dominate the planet, and complete the ARK cycle to save Earth's future?

    ARK: Extinction is an entirely new map that promises to deliver the long-awaited climax to the ARK storyline, returning to where the story began and now ends: on Earth itself! Visit the ruined world that’s rampant with Element-corrupted creatures, scour the land for Orbital Supply Drops, tame exotic creatures, and build a Mek powerful enough to defeat the colossal, tameable Titans dominating the landscape.


    Extinction brings survivors back to where the mysterious journey all started; Earth. What was once a lush and thriving home world is now a corrupt, hostile and desolate shell of its former self. Venture into the diverse landscape where ruins of a past civilization reveal clues to Earth’s demise along with the keys to reviving its future. At the heart of this bleak and foreboding terrain is an overgrown, deserted technological metropolis that rises amidst the waste. Discover and explore long abandoned micro-biospheres which served as the early prototypes for the ARKs of today.


    Capture, tame and craft powerful and unusual organic and mechanical creature types different from anything previously seen in the ARK universe. Increase situational awareness by flying and controlling robotic surveillance drones. Harvest valuable resources by taming and feeding organic transmutation machines. Reach new heights and remote locations by climbing and teleporting with the ultimate security bot. Ensure your survival by building and piloting your own customizable battle Mek to victory!


    Ensure mastery on this forsaken world with many new and exotic craftable items. Keep your tames where you want them with a creature leash, use taxidermy tools to enhance your home decor with trophy mounts from your most memorable kills, span and traverse previously uncrossable gaps with a Tek bridge, store and preserve your favorite friendly creature in a portable cryopod for reuse later, utilize Tek gravity grenades to attract or repel foes to your advantage, and autonomously airlift loot back to your base with an airborne delivery crate!


    As Element runs rampant across Earth, corrupting and mutating all that it touches, Survivors must be prepared for the unique challenges fueled from these cataclysmic events. Engage in epic battles of titanic proportions when encountering the colossal Titans that rule this hostile planet as the ultimate apex predator. Scour the wastelands for orbital supply drops and protect the precious cargo they contain while fending off an onslaught of Element-corrupted monstrosities barely resembling their former selves. Survive and shelter from environmental anomalies such as Element eruptions, eclipses and meteor showers.

    Return to Earth and complete your conquest of the ARK universe, gain sought after answers to advance the storyline, discover the fate of the original explorers, determine the true purpose of the ARK network, and unravel the remaining mysteries of the Homo Deus!

    Haven’t yet explored the thrilling world of ARK? Jump into the adventure today during ARK’s Free Weekend on Steam, where the base game ARK: Survival Evolved is available to play for free now - Sunday, Nov 11th, paired with massive discounts to own ARK and its other expansion packs, Scorched Earth and Aberration.

    Stay tuned to our Twitter account for the most up-to-date information on Extinction official servers going live.
    ARK on Sale!

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    Patch Notes v1.45 [Salty Shores Update]

    ‘Salty Shores’ Arena has been added Competitive Season 7 ends, and Season 8 begins Season 7 Rewards: Player Banners and Goal Explosions are being distributed to eligible players ‘Impact’ Crate has been added NEW CONTENT Arenas
    ‘Salty Shores’ is now available as a new Arena in all Playlists ‘Wasteland’ (Night) is now available in all Playlists Crates and Keys
    ‘Impact’ Crate has been added Monstercat
    ‘Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3’ is now available to all players under Music Playlists Monstercat Flags have been added ‘Aiobahn’ ‘Bad Computer’ ‘Dion Timmer’ ‘Duumu’ ‘Instinct’ ‘Inverness’ ‘Skyelle’ ‘Soupandreas’ ‘Stephen Walking’ ‘Sundial’ S. Watercolour
    ‘S. Watercolour’ Customization Items have been added ‘S. Watercolour’ Player Banner ‘S. Watercolour’ Flag Decals
    ‘Glyphtrix’ (Triton) ‘Min-Spec’ (Masamune) ‘ShapeRacer’ (Paladin) ‘Tiger Tiger’ (Aftershock) Toppers
    ‘Goldfish’ ‘Palm Tree’ ‘Swim Ring’  
    CHANGES AND UPDATES Server Reporting
    You can now select the ‘Report Server’ button in the midgame menu to directly report a problematic game server to us for investigation Competitive Season 7
    Competitive Season 7 has ended. Titles and items will be awarded for your highest rank achieved during the season. Season 7 Rewards are custom, non-tradeable Player Banners and Goal Explosions Receiving the Season 7 Reward Player Banners is also contingent upon successful completion of Season Reward Levels Reward Player Banners: ‘Season 7 - Tier 1’ ‘Season 7 - Tier 2’ ‘Season 7 - Tier 3’ ‘Season 7 - Tier 4’ ‘Season 7 - Tier 5’ ‘Season 7 - Tier 6’ ‘Season 7 - Tier 7’ Season 7 Grand Champions will also receive the 'Season 7 Grand Champion' Title Reward Goal Explosions ‘Striker’ ‘Striker Pro’ ‘Striker Legend’ Competitive Season 8
    Competitive Season 8 has begun Season 8 brings a “soft reset” that requires you to do placement matches in each playlist to recalibrate Winning half of your placement matches will land you near your previous season ranking The soft reset will no longer compress Champion Tier players skill downwards.  Instead, only Grand Champions will be compressed down to the top end of the Champion 3 skill range. League Rankings will be temporarily empty until players complete their placement matches  
    BUG FIXES General
    A player’s Rank now correctly displays on the post-match screen Fixed an issue causing Orange team-specific Presets to incorrectly preload during matchmaking, causing them to appear late once the map loaded [Xbox One] Fixed a crash/performance issue Fixed Boost activation occurring one frame behind input when client runs above 60 FPS Boost Audio and visual FX will no longer continue to play after boost is deactivated Fixed an issue with physics state quantization that led to cars occasionally “settling” at inconsistent suspension heights (thank you to Rocket Science for reporting this) Improved loading performance that was causing some players (particularly on PS4) to experience stutter in the first 5-10 seconds of matches Fixed players who have initiated a Forfeit Vote being unable to see the Vote to Forfeit option afterwards The “Keyboard Input Acceleration Time” option is once again available in the Options - Controls menu. Fixed the “Favorite” button sometimes disappearing in the Garage Car Body tab Fixed issues with car preview sometimes breaking when quickly switching garage tabs [Switch] Improved scrolling performance when viewing items in the Garage Tread glow on ‘Season 3 - Star’ Wheels has been restored FX on Draco Wheels have been restored  
    KNOWN ISSUES [NOTE: If you go down a division after a win in a Ranked match, this is not a bug. The division down is attached to a previous loss that was reported to our database late. You are still receiving appropriate credit for the win.]

    Painted ‘Twinzer’ lacks paintable attributes on the front of the body This will be changed in our next update Paint finish on the Batmobile may look different than before You may be able to see edges of the ‘lighthouse’ that illuminates the map on Salty Shores [PS4 Pro] Users may experience performance issues when playing 3v3 Rumble on Neo Tokyo with Supersampling enabled [Switch] Splitscreen users may take longer than normal to appear in the main menu [PS4] Join delays at the start of a match have been greatly reduced but may still be present [macOS. SteamOS] Textures on some buildings in the background may be missing On Salty Shores, some ground textures load a few seconds after reaching the Choose Team screen In some cases, users may not be able to invite Party members to trade immediately after leaving a match Images of Painted ‘K2’ and ‘Zeta’ Wheel variants may not display correctly Player POV camera issues when spectating or viewing Replays Voltaic Wheels may appear pixelated for some players Moving quickly between the Showroom and Garage may cause Boosts and Trails to not display properly when viewing in Redeem Rewards and Crate Preview menus. Some Gray Wheels (Voltaic) may appear similar to Titanium White variants Black texture can be seen sometimes outside of the Neo Tokyo and Tokyo Underpass Arenas Painted Voltaic Wheels may appear pixelated Trails slightly off-center behind ‘99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Wheels  
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    Conan Exiles moved to Dedicated Server

    Hello OGN Exiles!
    We have some exciting news for you! 
    Thanks to the generous donations from the community, we have been able to migrate the Conan Exiles Server to a Dedicated Box!
    We are super excited to see the performance increases this brings, alongside the manageability options that it creates for us!
    If you had Favourited our Server, you will need to do so again, as the IP Address has changed.
    The new IP for Direct Connecting is: If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact a member of @Conan Staff on Discord.

    This Week in Star Citizen

    Hello Citizens,
    Last Friday, MISC reflects on its 50 year legacy and looks to the future of speed, both on and off the track, with the release of limited-edition Razor chassis. You can still pick up Warbond versions for a limited time here.

    Help us make the How to Play section of the Star Citizen website even better, starting with Star Marine and Arena Commander. Take part in the contest for a chance to win prizes and leave your mark on the official Star Citizen website.
    Lastly, CitizenCon 2948 tickets will be available again in the near future if you haven’t picked one up already. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our newsletter to find out when the next phase of ticket sales will be available.
    With that, let’s see what’s going on this week:
    Monday is a holiday for US and UK offices, but we’re still releasing a brand new episode of Calling All Devs. Each and every week, developers across our 5 offices answer community-voted questions from our Spectrum Thread.
    Tuesday is lore day! The Lore Team will publish another in-fiction story to help cure your craving for more Star Citizen lore. Check out previously published lore posts here.
    Thursday, sees a Ship Shape with a focus on the Aegis Eclipse, as well as an exciting new Squadron 42 Project Update in the newest episode of Around the Verse.
    Lastly, make sure to tune in on Friday at 12PM PDT / 7PM UTC for another episode of Reverse the Verse, broadcasted live on our Star Citizen Twitch channel. Stay tuned for further information about who our special guests will be and keep an eye on Spectrum for the Questions Thread!
    And with that, we’ll see you in the ‘Verse.
    Tyler Nolin
    Community Manager
      The Weekly Community Content Schedule MONDAY, MAY 28TH, 2018
                Calling All Devs   (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/)
    TUESDAY, MAY 29TH, 2018
                Weekly Lore Post   (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch)
    WEDNESDAY, MAY 30TH, 2018
    THURSDAY, MAY 31ST, 2018
                Around the Verse – Ship Shape & Squadron 42 Update   (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/)
                Vault Update   
    FRIDAY, JUNE 1ST, 2018
                Reverse the Verse Live   (https://www.twitch.tv/starcitizen)
                Roadmap Update   
                RSI Newsletter   
        Community Spotlight: May 28th, 2018 We are constantly amazed by the contributions made by the Star Citizen community. Whether it’s fan art, a cinematic, a YouTube guide, or even a 3D print of your favorite ship, we love it all! Don’t forget to submit your content to our Community Hub for a chance at seeing it here! Waiting for Rescue by ShonenG
      ShonenG has created some original artwork of what I can imagine more than a few of us have gotten ourselves into while exploring the verse.

    Check out the image on our community hub.   Early Morning Ride on Daymar by Deecav

    No better place than Daymar for a nice morning cruise around the moon. Deecav has stopped at some spots during his morning trip

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    Community Spotlight: Maps and Packs

    The Rocket League Championship Series Season 5 LAN will be here before you know it, and while the pros will be battling it out in London for the chance to be your next world champions, most of us will be grinding away in the comfort of our own homes. In this month’s Community Spotlight, we’re focusing on bringing you training packs and videos from our community to help you optimize your practice regimen and foster the next wave of Rocket League stars!
    Custom Training Sometimes when you open up a new Custom Training pack, you aren’t sure how to approach the shots. Luckily, training packs like Aerial Car Control from Kevpert also offer accompanying videos that show you how to efficiently and effectively train. If you’re itching to score like the pros, amustycow produced a shot compilation named Best Goals Recreated consisting of -- you guessed it -- the best goals! Of course, if you need to work on defense, check out the Shadow Defense training pack and SunlessKhan’s video about The Best Defense in Rocket League. If you’re still looking for more codes and videos, head over to the RLCustomTraining subreddit for even more content!!
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    Salty Shores Update: Rocket League Hits the Beach on May 29


    Which sunblock SPF does a Battle-Car need when it's soaking up rays and playing in the sand all day? We’ll know soon, because our new Salty Shores Update splashes down on May 29!

    This next Content Update[www.rocketleague.com] is all about Rocket League fun in the sun, starting with the aforementioned ‘Salty Shores,’ our brand new seaside Arena! As our sunniest map to date, Salty Shores should keep the summertime vibes going year-round as a permanent addition to all online Playlists!

    Along with a new Arena, we’re also bringing you the start of Competitive Season 8, the distribution of Season 7 Rewards[www.rocketleague.com], the new ‘Impact’ Crate, fresh beats from the ‘Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3’ EP and more! You’ll also find some nice quality of life improvements in the mix, including a new ‘Report Server’ button for when servers misbehave during an online match.  Our ‘Beach Blast’ in-game Event is coming soon too, but not for a few more weeks -- June 11, to be exact! We’ll have more details about Beach Blast closer to the start of the event, so stay tuned!

    Check out the full trailer up top and screenshots of our new arena (and our new Battle-Car 'Twinzer') below. Be sure to let us know what you think of the new update on Reddit and Twitter. We’ll see you on the beach next week!

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    The Compound Update

    We added a scientist protected compound, where players can gather and 'safely' do business. There's also scuba gear and underwater dive sites for you to explore, first-person clothing, and more. This patch wipes the maps, but your blueprints are retained.
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    Update #33: Combat Revamp, Fast Travel, Farming, and The Purge

    Behold! The next big update has arrived, fresh from the oven. There's a lot to unpack and learn in this update, and we're excited to show you what it's all about. Besides the brutal combat revamp, you'll experience the purge, journey across the map with fast travel,  learn the ways of farming, and discover the many changes and adjustments made to better your experience in the harsh world. So let's get into it!

    IMPORTANT: We are aware that this version may be more unstable than others. We still want to push this out so we can get mass testing/feedback on it.

    Also, some players had an issue with the ESC key not working. A workaround for this was resetting keybindings, which we have forced with this update. If you've been using custom keybindings previously they will have been reset.
    Combat Yes! It's here! Welcome to the new combat in Conan Exiles. Many of you already know what this is all about from playing on the TestLive servers, but we're finally able to push these live. Here are some basics and things you may want/need to know: 
    Each weapon type has their own specific attacks and properties.   You will have light and heavy attacks. Heavy attacks, for example, use more stamina than light and are slower, but deal more damage.   Chain attacks of 4 can be made using any variation of heavy and light attacks but watch your stamina!   Dodging can be done in any direction now as well as be done in the middle of your attack to cancel it. This will still take stamina to do.   Once your stamina completely drains, you won't be able to attack or dodge until full again.   Certain weapons, like the dual daggers, allow you flip backwards when pushing the block button (CTRL button by default). Throwing weapons, like the javelin, will let you hurl it towards them.   Kicks have also been implemented and work when you're equipped with a two-handed weapon or one-handed weapon with no shield. Use these to your advantage, as they can interrupt enemies! This is done with the default CTRL button as well.   You can sprint with weapons/shields/tools again! Depending on your weapon, they will have different sprint animations.   Enemies have their health displayed to allow you to adapt and think about your attacks.   Target lock has been added! It can be toggled using the Q keybinding by default. When using this, you will face your opponent and can be switched between different enemies. This works at 20 meters max range. We have also added server settings to turn off target lock on the server so server admins can decide the type of experience they want to offer. But it is not available in this build.  Weapons can deal status effects that can stack up to five times. A yellow trail, for example, will inflict a cripple debuff. We have also added a GUI option to turn off weapon trails completely.   
    The Purge If you thought you were prepared before, you better check again! You'll notice in your inventory under your character a purge meter. The more you and/or your clan builds, kill other players/NPCs, and plays the more this meter will fill. You won't automatically get a purge when you go over the threshold, but as long as your purge activity score is above it, you have a chance for it to happen. For example, if you are on a dedicated server or local game, and you are the only one playing, the purge will only pick you. But on a server with, for example, 10 clans, 4 of which are above the threshold, you have a 25% chance to get it if you are among the 4. During the purge monsters, animals, humans, and others depending on the area, will appear and attack your home. Make sure your walls are well protected from the waves of enemies. On official servers purges will only trigger during "purge time" which is a subset of prime time, "purge time" is between 6 PM and 10 PM local time, all days. Admins of private servers will be able to adjust this time either through server setting GUI or modifying the serversettings.ini files.

    In general purges become more difficult the further north your base is on the map. Higher difficulty purges will contain special bosses with unique loot, or special crafter NPCs that have unique recipes on them. You will need a combination of smart base design, thrall defenders, higher tier buildings and good teamplay to withstand the most difficult purges.

    With this update we are launching purge version 1. This version is missing a balancing pass and also a couple of key features. With iteration 2 we will make the purges more difficult, and we may also add new purge types with other combinations of NPCs. We're doing this in order to get as much feedback and testing on the Purge as possible.

    If you find the purge to be too easy or difficult, you can change the difficulty as well as many other parameters in the options-menu. Later on private server admins will be able to modify the purges and customize them to be easier or harder as well as add new purge types.
    By obtaining seeds from plants and making compost through the compost heap, it is now possible to plant and harvest your own crops.  In order to craft fertilizer in the compost heap, you will need plant-fiber, rotten meat and bonemeal, which can be obtained by grinding (amongst other things) bone, claws, fangs or ivory in the grinder. For certain plants, you may need potent fertilizer, for which you will need to add ash and blood to the mix. By planting seeds and fertilizer in the planters, your crops will grow over time. In addition to this, should you want to decorate your land, a selection of potted plants have been added to the game, which are much less costly than the planters.

    Updated HUD The first thing you may notice when first logging in is the display. Health and stamina are now shown as bars as they're essential to manage especially in combat. Stamina will replenish over time when not attacking or dodging, but you'll see that health does not! This is where your kicks and dodges will come in handy to avoid incoming attacks. There are multiple ways to gain back health which include eating cooked food, using bandages, using potions, or unlocking certain perks.  

    You will see the newly added perks in your attribute window. Spending enough points in certain attributes will unlock advantages that will benefit you in the brutal lands; for example, the first perk unlocked in the ""vitality"" doubles your breath timer when underwater.  

    Your feats window is also newly updated! Objects are now sorted and organized for easier navigation.  

    A new tab called "stats" has been added. Here, you can get down to the numbers and see how effective you are against the environment both offensively and defensively. It will also display any buffs/debuffs your character has.  

    The Journey GUI has been extended from 4 to 10 chapters and can be disabled from showing on your screen through settings. This goes as well for gameplay hints, that shows various keys or gamepad inputs for climbing, fighting, building, etc. 
    Fast Travel
    You'll notice a nifty new placeable called the Maproom. Place this in a safe spot within your base and you can travel around the map! You will first have to discover the monoliths  scattered across the lands and attune your bracelet to them before you can travel there. Don't stay too long by one though, or you'll gain corruption and end your journey there. It's important to note that this is a one way ticket. You can travel from the maproom to an obelisk, but not the other way around.
    Build Abandonment System Update We've done several big changes to how the building abandonment system works. Firstly, anything placed on or near a building will become a part of said building's decay score and decay at the same rate. This means you can now build smaller buildings in close proximity as well as standalone placeables like wheel of pain, altar etc and these will all be treated as big structure for purposes of decay. Secondly, the system will now check for and remove floating placeables left behind in the world after the buildings they were standing on got removed. Thirdly placeables stacked on top of placeables are now checked and correctly removed. Lasty, the updated decay system fixes a problem with players joining a clan and sometimes not being able to continue building on their existing buildings.

    Additionally on all official servers we are changing the decay settings such that max decay value is 6 days after which the structure will be abandoned (any player can interact with and remove the structure), and after 1 day of being abandoned, the structure gets removed automatically by the system.
    Patch Notes We want to highlight that we've completely redone population of the world as well as added world bosses that grant access to legendary weapons. These world bosses drop keys that be used on chests you find and can open at level 60. The chests aren't always near where a key is found, so keep an eye out! These chests will provide some legendary items with custom effects on them.

    When swimming, you will stay at the surface. Pressing default "C" will make you dive.  A number of new weapons and armors and placeables have been added to the game Quick Loot allows you hover your pointer over a body, a loot bag or a machine and quickly loot individual or all items.  The keybinding for opening the admin panel is now SHIFT + INSERT.  Slowed down archers backing away when shooting/reloading.  Warpaints are now available!  You no longer sheath your weapon went sprinting. You can run with weapons again!  Merchants can be found in the neutral city of Sepermeru, where you can now buy a selection of consumables (booze and food) and some hides New (rare) resources - Gold / Gold Coins / Silver / Silver Coins
    Changed movement speed of avatars. All move the same speed except for Set.  We've made other changes to avatars so they no longer instantly kill everything. They will no longer have their movements blocked by buildings and resources/foliage.   Yog's attack has been reimplemented. It will do damage over time and will be blocked by avatar domes.   Ymir's axe slam now respects damage settings and increased additional interaction radius, so that foliage far away can take damage on the axe slam attack.  Avatar of Set's strafing is smoother and feel better. 
    Quality of Life and Gameplay Adjustments
    The Silent Legion armor no longer requires the heart from the Kinscourge to be crafted (although the weapons still do). A number of new weapons and armors and placeables have been added to the game. Creature heads can now be used in the tannery and the grinder to obtain resources from them New (rare) resources - Gold / Gold Coins / Silver / Silver Coins Hunting prey animals is now more rewarding - all the good meats come from prey animals. In addition, hitting a prey animal in the HEAD will do much more damage now, encouraging actual hunting You no longer sheath your weapon went sprinting. You can run with weapons again! New Tool: Skinning Knife. Use this to gather hide from animals. Clan GUI has been improved. It’s easier to leave a clan using a controller now. Realigned some UI elements that were not centered. New music! Different music depending on the enemy you’re fighting will play. You now need to be well protected against certain fumes like gas. Make sure to equip something like a sandstorm mask before entering dangerous areas! Hyper armor has been implemented which allows both players and NPCs to complete their attacks if they take damage The game will now default you to 3rd person when first logging in. While in combat, you are forced into 3rd person. You can disable this in settings though. Added some new emote categories. Humanoid NPCs now have a pitching attack so they can attack up and down. New loading screens! Loading screens now have helpful hints! Updated navigation in character creation. Journey steps have been moved on the HUD to allow notifications underneath it. Feats can now be trained by double clicking them. Quick Loot allows you hover your pointer over a body, a loot bag or a machine and quickly loot individual or all items. You can now mute other players. While using a controller, pressing the Y button will place it to your inventory. Clan Chat is no longer called Guild Chat and other adjustments to chat. Merchants can be found in the neutral city of Sepermeru, where you can now buy a selection of consumables (booze and food) and some hides Javelins, orbs, and throwing axes show the normal dot now instead of the bow crosshair. When swimming, you will stay at the surface. Pressing default “C” will make you dive. Sitting in a chair no longer removes the UI. Updated a lot of graphics with water and wetness. New obsidian material has been added. Warpaints are now available! Ramps and ramp corners have been added. Heads can now only be gathered from dead beasts using a cleaver or a hatchet. Buildings and placeables now take damage from any tier of weapon. You now automatically bind to beds and bedrolls when placing them. Made adjustments during NPC dialogue to make it look prettier. You’ll notice the sky gets darker with rain clouds before it rains, and get lighter as it stops.
    Optimizations and balancing
    Water wells now require a minimum distance between them. Reduced fall damage. Adjusted AI so NPCs won’t pick other random targets while attacking. Reduced the amount of XP received from civilized difficulty. Weapons and tools have been rebalanced. Fixed sliding and shaking NPCs. Cleansing brews no longer raise stamina and health beyond natural maximum. The repair cost for the Pickaxe should no longer defy the laws of conversation of energy and require more materials to repair than to build. Slowed down archers backing away when shooting/reloading.
    Server settings & Admin panel
    You can now adjust the thethering range in cooperative play to let players move further away from the host. Depending on settings you may need more memory or a more powerful CPU A new server setting has been added that allows admins to choose how long before a player can regenerate stamina again. Updated the graphics in the admin panel. Moved the admin panel keybind from CTRL+SHIFT+C to SHIFT+INSERT.
    Bug Fixes
    Arrows should no longer get stuck in your hand! Fixed and issue with NPCs not spawning or taking a long time to spawn in singleplayer. Firing the trebuchet now triggers the correct journey event. NPCs should no longer stack on top of one another. Changes to your character’s temperature to reduce inconsistency between temperature status and your location. Fixed some cases where some text was in a different language than what your client is set to. Fixed an issue that would prevent your corpse from glowing. Fixed an issue with dungeon entry triggering between coop players. Movements of the Rhino and Direwolf have been smoothened. NPCs should no longer get stuck in doors when opening/closing one. There were a couple of crafting stations not translated into other languages. Fixed a bug where you could have new items be spawned in both your shortcut bar and inventory. Adjusted fiber bedroll so less clipping occurs. The Barrow King can attack you again. Fixed an issue that would cause a crash when suiciding. Entertainer Thralls properly buff your character again. Fixed an issue that would cause your character to spawn in the north instead of at your bed. Adjusted spawn rates of meteors so they are more frequent. Fixed an issue where summoning an avatar killed the player due to encumbrance. Fixed sated duration to last longer. Torches should no longer lose durability when in the extinguished state. Trapdoors can no longer be placed mid-air. Fixed an issue where crouched players that sat down on stairs would float. Fixed a crash that occurred from dismantling foundations. Fixed a crash that would occur with using voice chat with a tether in coop. Pillars properly increase stair stability. Elevators no longer push your character underground. Destroying corpses now spawns a lootbag containing their items. Death Markers should no longer leave the corpse and update once looted. Beehives show buzzing bees when they have honey in them. Fish and shellfish traps no longer gather recourses while held. Now it needs to be placed. Adding map markers should work correctly again. Killing human NPCs while cloaked as an admin no longer leaves their weapons in the air. Fixed a case where climbing would bring you into first person after finishing even if you weren’t using it.
    Changed and adjusted some sounds in the GUI, such as opening the map or journal events updating. Added lots of new foliage sounds across the game Added all the new soundtracks which were composed for Conan Exiles  
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    Patch Notes v1.44 (Tournaments Update Hotfix)

    Note: In case you missed it, be sure to check out our Tournaments Update Follow-Up[www.rocketleague.com] blog.
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed an issue that caused stuttering in the game client when secure TCP sockets are closed down Fixed an issue where Boost visual FX would (rarely) not activate correctly Fixed Alpha Reward Boost appearing differently than it did before the Tournaments Update Connection Quality Indicators will no longer incorrectly persist into Offline Matches or Training Various wheels will no longer appear smaller than they did before the Tournaments update Scoreboard Fixed incorrect avatars showing for players who have joined the game in-progress and/or replaced an AI bot Fixed other players appearing to have the same rank as you in the post-game screen in Competitive matches Trading Fixed players being unable to remove items from a full Trade Window Fixed trades failing if they contained Painted or Certified items currently equipped in a Preset Common Items will no longer show as Trade Held or Untradeable in the Garage Fixed an issue that could cause the game client to only send 30 frames of input per second even if the game was running at 60+ [Steam] HTML tags will no longer affect player names Audio
    Extended the range at which the volume of other cars drops off to make them more audible from further away Rebalanced overall audio mix based on feedback Controller Vibration
    Increased the intensity of “Medium” and “Heavy” Controller Vibration Wireless Xbox 360 controllers will now vibrate while boosting We recommend that Xbox 360 Controller users opt for “Heavy” if they want consistent vibration while boosting Network Settings
    Server Send Rate, Client Send Rate, and Bandwidth Limit now all default to “High” Nintendo Switch
    Fixed a memory leak that could cause crashes on Nintendo Switch Known Issues
    Server Performance[www.rocketleague.com]: Because not all players and servers are being affected, we are still researching the root cause. As we learn more, we will update the community with our findings and timeline for a fix During Goal Replays, your local car’s audio may sound too loud relative to the rest of the match For a few specific Wheel & Body combinations, the body’s axles may clip through the front or rear wheels Some UI elements may not be visible during matches Some items like Event Crates may still appear in two stacks in your Garage instead of one  
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    Countdown to launch begins! New trailer and blog update.


    The Early Access journey is coming to an end with less than one month left until launch. Big changes and great amounts of new content are coming to Conan Exiles as we are getting close to May 8th.

    The game world is increasing in size, new features and systems are being introduced, hundreds of new items are being added and there is an all new and brutal combat system for you to enjoy!

    In short, when the game launches it will be much bigger, much better and much deeper.
    New Combat! The new combat system is very different and a huge improvement on the old one. A specialized team of some of our most veteran designers and animators have spent months working on just this new system and finally Conan Exiles will have the brutal, tactical and savage combat which a Conan game deserves.

    The first thing you might notice is the new visual style. All weapons (swords, daggers, hammers, maces, spears, great swords etc) are getting their own attacks and animations. The attacks consist of a wide range of lunges, sweeps, jumps, cleaves, slashes and dashes. This makes combat much more fluid and interesting with a host of different attacks to perform.

    All weapons have different light and heavy attacks which can be chained one after the other. Every attack in the chain is different, with the finishers often being particularly potent. The different weapons also cause different effects as you keep landing hits in the chain. For example, daggers add bleed, great swords cripple and hammers sunder. You can combine light and heavy attacks as you see fit without breaking the chain.

    With a host of new attacks, effects and weapons the new tactical possibilities of combat have been greatly increased. Dash in with daggers and add stacks of bleed, before using the unique dagger backflip to escape enemy retaliation. Sweep away groups of enemies with powerful cleaves of your great sword and cripple their movement so they can’t run away.

    Volcano and Swamp With launch comes two new areas and the map is being greatly expanded.

    Above The Frozen North you can see a mighty volcano, still quite active with rivers of lava running down its slopes. If you climb into the volcano you find powerful new resources like obsidian plus a strange cult worshipping an ancient power.

    There are ruins in the volcano and you find a ominous light emanating from the Well of Skelos. Drop down the well and find yourself in a dangerous dungeon. In it you can use a roaring forge where obsidian weapons can be created. The dungeon is searing hot and an ancient secret lurks within. Brave the challenges ahead to get your hands on powerful new gear. The volcano and its dungeon has been balanced for max level characters.

    Follow the big river east and you will find the swamp. This huge new area offers deep jungles, wet marshes and a sunny coastline filled with pirates. You can build well-protected castles or even entire cities up in the massive trees of the swamp.

    There are many new monsters to fight in the swamp and lots of places to explore, from the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts to Jamilia’s Liberty, a massive beached ship which the Black Hand pirates have made their home. There is also the Forgotten City of Xel-ha, the ruins of an ancient Lemurian city being devoured by the encroaching jungle and the Palace of the Witch Queen dungeon. The swamp has been made for characters between level 20 and 40.

    With these new areas the size of the game map has been greatly increased and with the addition of The Frozen North last fall the overall size of the map has more than doubled since the start of Early Access.

    The Purge You fight for dominance over the Exiled Lands and control the landscape with the castles and cities you can build. With the purge the environment fights back to drive you from the land. You must ready your defenses as groups of frost giants, locusts, undead, relic hunters, gorillas or any of the many other groups of creatures or exiles in the area will attack your base. The type of purge attacking your castle depends on where you have built it.

    The purge does not happen in the southern-most areas of the Exiled Lands, so the first humble homes you build near the great river will not be attacked. You have a purge meter which fills up depending on your activities as you play. The longer you play, the more you build or kill the faster your purge meter will increase.

    When a purge is about to happen, you will get clear notifications and you can also see on your map exactly where the NPCs are attacking. They will attack in waves and continue hitting your buildings if no thralls or players are fighting back.

    This new feature adds extra depth to the game, especially for those who like to play on PVE servers or play single-player. You must now build your castles with defense against creatures in mind, and having some archer thralls for defense will be more valuable than ever.

    If you are afraid that hordes of creatures will destroy your hard-earned base, you do not need to worry. The purge can be completely turned off on private servers or in single-player games, and all the purge’s settings can be tweaked, such as strength, duration, number of waves, how quickly the purge meter fills and much more.

    In certain strong purges the NPCs may wield new legendary weapons – defeat them and claim the weapons as your own!

    Perks, Gear, and Warpaint The attributes system is also getting an important revamp. For every ten increases in each attribute you get a unique perk which unlocks a special ability. Ten points in survival allows you to eat uncooked meat without getting sick, fifty points in agility lets you perform a double jump while in the air and forty points in strength makes all your heavy attacks do 25% more damage. This new system makes developing your character and choosing the stats you want much more important.

    Along with this system comes the introduction of many new armor sets which also increase your attributes. These are armors from the various cultures from the world of Conan the Barbarian, like Stygian, Hyrkanian, Zingaran and Hyperborean. The further you increase each attribute the more expensive it becomes. Getting those extra bonus points from pieces of armor can be just enough to get you that awesome perk.

    In addition, you can also make warpaints which add to a chosen attribute. You can only wear one warpaint at a time, but with the combined bonuses of warpaints and armors you can now make specific builds which allow you to possess the perks you are after.

    Altogether there are hundreds of new pieces of gear to choose from, with all new weapon sets, epic armors and tools. There is also a host of new legendary weapons with their own unique bonuses. You can get your hands on most of these through the all new world boss system, where massive world bosses can be defeated for their legendary loot.

    Farming, Derketo, Fast Travel, and Content Rebalance A major change is that players no longer heal over time as they play Conan Exiles. This can of course make many battles much harder as it is no longer possible to just run away, automatically heal up and then just return to the action.

    Now you must eat food or drink potions to regain your health and all healing is done over time. Luckily there are so many types of food to eat in the game, from simple cooked meat to honeyglazed roast for example. This makes gathering resources for food and alchemy extremely important as you won’t last long in the wilderness without something to eat to regain your health.

    We have introduced farming to make it a bit easier to get your hands on many of these resources. You can now build planters in your base which allow you to grow different kinds of crops, like lotus flowers used in potions or for example hops, leavening or highland berries.

    For launch we are adding an all new religion to Conan Exiles. Derketo is the goddess of both fertility and death. Her dual nature makes her avatar a sight to behold, as one half of its body is rotted away while the other is that of a beautiful woman.

    With world map greatly increasing in size it can take quite some time to travel from one region to another. To make this process easier we are introducing the map room which you can build in your own settlement. It is shaped like a map of the Exiled Lands and is quite large and detailed. As you explore the world you will discover monoliths which you can attune to your bracelet. Once attuned you can teleport to that monolith from your map room. There is no easy way back, apart from dying and respawning on your bed, but with the map room you will at least be able to quickly travel to remote places in the Exiled Lands.

    In addition to all the new features and content coming to Conan Exiles we have also done a major content rebalance. We have changed the areas where creatures spawn and how they behave in the world. You won’t see large groups of random monsters just wandering the map like before, instead they have more specialized habitats and act more naturally in the world. You may notice that only the red shalebacks attack you on sight, as they are the more aggressive males or that when you are in an area infested with spiders you will see their nests and webs along the cliffsides.

    The rebalance has also been done to feats, crafting ingredients, where you find resources and crafting recipes. It has been done to make the game deeper and more interesting in all phases. So if you are a returning player you will see that a whole host of little changes have been made.

    These are some of the new things you can look forward to as we are nearing launch, we hope you will enjoy them.

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